Meet Grant

Grant is a graphic designer with experience focused on marketing and branding. Working on campus as a graphic designer for the student union, he had a head start in his career. After school, he landed an internship at Barracuda Networks in NorCal. There, he experienced what an in-house corporate position was like, being apart of their rebranding, and learning important skills as a junior graphic designer.

With a keen eye for detail, he is always striving for above and beyond, sleek, and beautiful design. At Experia Creative, Grant is a specialist in web design, email campaigning, social media strategy, and e-commerce design. He is motivated to keep learning from his coworkers, peers, and clients to become a more well-rounded designer and professional.

Outside of work, a perfect weekend for him involves food, beer, friends & family, naps, and a good movie.

The Team


Greg Russo

Founder & Creative Director

Grant Hartman

Lead Designer

Jeremy Alcantara

Web Designer

Sarah Hugo

Graphic Designer