Meet Hai

Hai’s interest in digital design started in high school, around the early myspace era. After graduation, he took a hiatus from his education to serve in the United States Marine Corps. His last duty station was in San Diego, where he attended the Art Institute of California. There, he got his Bachelor of Science in Graphic and Web design.

Over the years, he further developed his skillsets as an in-house designer for companies of all sizes. Along the way, he met mentors and peers who supported his growth into front-end development and user experience design. His synthesis of digital design and web development allows him to flow between processes unrestrained.

Outside of designing, Hai coach flow art with his partner, roller-skate around the city, and relax under a tree with a good book.

The Team


Greg Russo

Founder & Creative Director

Grant Hartman

Lead Designer

Hai Trinh

Web Designer

Sarah Hugo

Graphic Designer