FIDUS Pet Concierge

FIDUS Pet Concierge approached us with an existing website that did not meet their rapidly expanding business and customer needs. FIDUS provides wholistic pet car for communities around California with plans for rapid expansion nationally. We set to work going over all of their goals and needs as well as evaluating their customer base to start from the ground up. Once we established a clear set of metrics with FIDUS and surveyed their customers we put together a comprehensive outline of user and business goals and how to accomplish both.

After our initial discovery process we began with laying out all of the necessary information in a detailed information architecture to evaluate structure and organization. Taking these blue prints we moved into an iterative mobile first wire framing process to layout where text and graphic elements would sit on each page of the website. This process allowed for an extremely quick and collaborative problem solving system which resulted in a faster and more refined delivery of the final website. Once every point had been evaluated we put together a visual style guide for all of the elements on the website and executed.

The results have been amazing with FIDUS set to open 3 more locations within the first couple months of the site being finished.

ClientFIDUS Pet ConciergeServicesWeb Design, E-Commerce, Graphic

Website Design Wireframe