Our Story.

We started on the Central Coast of California in 2006 as a boutique graphic and web design company named Joseph Gregory Design. We specialized in working with other small businesses developing branding, logos, marketing collateral, and websites. Since those early beginnings, new technology emerged. Mobile devices became dominant and social media was born. The needs of consumers changed, and so did the demands on businesses.

To meet those needs and increasing demands, we expanded, and evolved into a full service creative agency. We were able to take a more comprehensive approach with the needs of our clients and their customers. No longer was it simply about building a website or making a brochure, but identifying opportunities and creating solutions with specific goals. We were becoming a single point of contact for design, marketing, social media, print, promotion, and more.

In early 2018, we debuted our new name – Experia Creative. Our name fittingly reflects today's consumer's increasing desire to focus on what matters most – the experience.

Today the user experience is an important driver in everything we do. We design creative solutions that influence the way people feel and behave towards a brand, and help bring that brand to life.

Our Philosophy.

Whenever a customer comes into contact with your brand, whether it is on social media, a website, or even on a store shelf, they're experiencing your brand. Those individual experiences, however minor they may seem, all shape perceptions in the hearts minds of your customers.

Experia Creative focuses on creating a memorable and cohesive brand for our clients. We develop marketing solutions that not only elevate your brand awareness, but deliver positive brand experiences. Within today's competitive and ever-changing fast-paced digital environment, we believe that the experience your brand delivers is more important than ever.


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Greg Russo

Founder & Creative Director

Grant Hartman

Lead Designer

Jeremy Alcantara

Web Designer

Sarah Hugo

Graphic Designer

Our People.

In business you're only as good as your people, and we're extremely proud of ours! We're particularly passionate about what we do, and are invested in the success of each and every client. We're driven to experiment, discover, design, and create solutions that help our clients solve problems and realize their potential.


Your brand isn’t just a name, its an experience. We explore design to shape the way people experience your brand, and influence what it stands for in the hearts and minds of customers.


We use creativity to help clients solve problems and expand their business.


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