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Honey Oil CBD came to us as a brand extension of Honey Oil Co., an existing client. Our challenge was to create a differentiation between the recreational THC-based branch and the CBD line under the same name. Throughout the relationship, we partnered as an “Out of House – In House” team, handling every touch point of the brand, from packaging to printed materials and environmental design, to digital marketing and web design.

The dynamics of an exploding CBD market and quickly-changing legal requirements meant constant packaging research development and many iterations, meeting each new requirement as the governing bodies provided them.

CBD becoming legal on a national level also opened the doors to being able to treat CBD as a viable e-commerce product, which allowed up to create a dynamic mobile-first website.

We lead with an information-first approach. First we set out to educate the customer with a better understanding of CBD through our blog, and empower them to value the high quality of the product. To build trust, we provided lab test reports on every product, which to this day, is still not standard in the industry. Education and transparency positioned Honey Oil CBD as an industry leader and trustworthy source for CBD.

We optimized the e-commerce experience strategy which had quite impressive results:
131% Increase in Sales, 136% Increase in Online Sessions, and 121% Increase in Total Orders

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