At Experia Creative, we have crafted an 8-step process to help small businesses successfully build and market their brand. A recognizable and consistent brand is one of the most valuable assets a company has. Our agency can help discover a brand’s unique point of view, and design compelling messaging to bring that brand to life!

1.   Identifying Your Purpose

The first step in successfully building your brand is to identify your purpose. This falls in line with your mission statement, which defines what problem you solve, why you exist, and why people should care.

These ideas will be the foundation of your branding and will shine through in your messaging, taglines, and more. Creating a clear expression of what your company is passionate about will help us build a brand that your audience can trust.

2.   Researching Competitor Brands

Next, we become familiar with what competitors in your industry are doing. Our goal is not to imitate them, but rather to differentiate yourself and convince customers to choose you instead.

By understanding how your competitors have built their branding, we can create a benchmark and determine what works and what doesn’t. Researching their customer reviews, social media posts, and quality of their products and services so we can truly set your brand apart.

3.   Identifying Your Target Audience

Now that we have identified your purpose and competitors, we must understand your target audience. While your business can’t be the right fit for everyone, super serving your audience will effectively build a competitive advantage.

When identifying your target audience, we consider demographics like age, location, income, and lifestyle. From there, we can tailor your messaging to meet your customer’s exact needs and ensure that your content is reaching those who are likely to interact with your brand.

4.   Noting What Sets Your Brand Apart

What sets your brand apart is more than just a list of services or features your business provides. It is what you offer that no one else does, and how you provide value by solving the problems your customers are facing.

We’ll focus on what makes your company unique, and why your customers should choose to work with you. For example, do you offer superior customer service or products that are more affordable? These are the qualities we will highlight in your branding and messaging.

5.   Creating a Brand Persona

The next step involves creating a brand persona. This expands on step 3 where we identified your target audience and takes it further. By recognizing details about your ideal customer, you can understand their motivations, goals, pain points, and brand affinities.

This will help you to ensure that your content is reaching the right people!

6.   Designing Your Logo

At this point, we are ready to incorporate visuals and design your brand logo. An effective logo design is critical, as it will become your identity and will generally appear on everything that relates to your company.

It is important to take the time and resources to create something that is unique and memorable, as often times a logo is the first thing a potential customer sees.

7.   Creating a Style

Based on your logo, we create a unique style that your target audience will easily be able to identify with your brand. This involves using consistent colors, photos, and typography that will tie your branding together.

It is also necessary to develop a brand voice – how you communicate with your audience. This allows your brand’s personality to shine through. This voice can be anything from serious and professional, to fun & friendly!


8.   Integrating Your Branding

Perhaps the most important step in the process is integrating your branding into everything that your business does. Consistency is key, as this will help with brand recognition and engagement.

We work with you to make sure that you are utilizing proper brand assets on social media, business cards, and packaging, as well as reliably incorporating your voice and style in all content and communications.


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